Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weta Workshop Works

Well in May it will be my 6 year anniversary working at Weta Workshop! What a crazy ride it has been thus far.  I thought it would be a good time to just post a few pics of  works I've done in various departments.  There are some early ones from District 9 and more recently some work on The Hobbit; and Unexpected Journey.
I work with many amazingly talented individuals, and I'm proud to be apart of the creative process with them :) 

I was apart of the team that sculpted Wikus' transformation prosthetic. It was then painted and applied by some very clever people!

This bad boy was designed by the one, the only Greg Broadmore- I was proud to model-make, mould and cast this baby.

Some early designs I did for Bofur, the last one being the approved design.  It barely looks like him without that iconic hat!

Good ol' Oin. I'm glad his little top knot braid made it in.

A design for Kili, back when he had blue eyes.

 Sculpting Orc prosthetics and Dwarf hands golore.

I sculpted this Balin collectible in Zbrush. It was touched up after 3D printing and painted by some of the clever folk I work with.  More Hobbit collectibles I've sculped will be posted as they're released!  I hope to at some stage be able to post the Zbrush model turnarounds.