Thursday, May 28, 2015

Grey Goo

I had the pleasure of working in the Weta Design Team to contribute in the making of an awesome game called Grey Goo.  We worked with Six Foot and Petroglyph to design everything from tech, costume, creatures, to plant and fungus that inhabit the planet! It was an absolute pleasure to work on as we were really able to explore what this world looks like. 

I mainly contributed to the look of the female Beta, which was based on Andrew Baker's design of the male counterpart (he's a clever guy, that one). The female Beta called "Hellen" in my design eventually had her name changed to Alin. You'll see some very initial costume designs, and ideas for secondary creatures and fungus' that were meant to be growing near thermal vents. Again, I had heaps of fun designing for fantastic clients, with some very talented artists on the Weta Team. The result? A DAMN cool looking game. The cut scenes look downright cinematic!