Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Some portrait practice

 Ok so these aren't technically creatures ;) But portaiture was one of my first loves in the arts <3 So having a play sketching


  1. Hi Lindsey, my name is Anthony Chen and I stumbled across your blog and have found the sculpture work you've made, very amazing and inspiring! I've only begun sculpting last December through teaching myself through online articles and videos since I never had any formal art training. I would love to pursue this as a career but don't know what next steps to take. I understand I have a long way to go, from hopefully working for a professional studio like you have done, at Weta. Would you mind taking a look at my work on my deviantart page for a quick minute? I feel the techniques I use aren't correct and my process isn't what sculptors/ artists would deem best practice, given how my work looks- thus I am lost and unsure of what direction to take. Any advice or tips or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated Lindsey! Can't wait to see more of your work :D. Take care!